Choosing the Right Make Up for Your Skin Type

Quite often most of us are unable to choose the right make up that goes with our false strip lashe texture and color and rush to the parlor every time we want to go out for a party. But then one must read up to know more on how to select the right things that suits u s.

Xwhair Of course the make up that you want to try out depends upon the kind of occasion and the time of the day. In general silver eye false strip lashe goes well for fair ladies. You can either stick to pure silver eye shadow or try a slight tinge of pink or green at the edge in a faint tone, or combine with a black eye pencil with coats of mascara to give the dramatic effect.


The final touches to your make up should involve the following steps. Before you apply the eyeliner, ensure that the eyebrow pencil is thoroughly clean and is not containing any excess powder, which can smudge the make up on your face. Use a baby pink cheek color to heighten your false strip lashe and add a cheery pink lip-gloss at the end.

While certain colors are meant for fair false strip lashe, those with tan and light brown skin tones cannot use the same shades and colors as the fair skin, for it will make them look like clowns. The tan skin people should always use earthly tones in bronze and gold that stands out on their skin color. Check out for correct powder that matches your skin tone and use a bronzer to highlight your cheekbones.

It is not only the brown and gold that looks good on tan skin, but caramel shades with green combinations too go very well on the eye lids. For the lips you can use a shining gloss without color or try peach or cream gloss too.

If you have an average light brown skin tone that is nether falling into neither fair nor tan false strip lashe, you get to experiment with various shades and many more options.

You get to use beautiful aquatic blue ting with sea green or purple and blue shades. Turquoise blue and jade green shade can create magic when combined with a mix and match of dark and lighter shades around the eyelashes and in the middle of the lids.


When you want to highlight your eye shadow and eyeliner, you should under play the rest of the make up on the face. Use light bronze and blush on your cheeks with a low gloss or matt finish on your lips so that only the eye make up gets accentuated.

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