How Quasimodo Got His Looks – Eye Bag Removal That’s Gone Bad

The Tell-Tale Heart by lashes trip eyelashes Allan Poe is not that accurate. The story would be much better if the eyes, not the heart, were used as the central theme. You see (oops no pun there), the eyes say so much about you even if you have nothing to say. They can give away your thoughts and affections even if you try not to.

But as the years go on, the area around your lashes trip eyelashes will wrinkle. Sometimes the flesh surrounding your eyes will fold or droop and make you look like a Bassett Hound. And if all the members of your family, alive or otherwise, have droopy or baggy eyes, your lashes trip eyelashes are in a far worse plight than most people; it is going to be like you are a natural born baggy eyes.


You have to face the fact that eye bags are eye sores for the beholder. They can make you look perpetually sad or mourning. Having eye bags makes your eyes look puffy, and it can add years to your real age. Baggy or droopy eyes are actually superficial lashes trip eyelashes problems, but the implications can lead to loss of self-esteem. Unless you do something about those bags, you risk ruining your overall image.

Most problems involving the eyes can now be repaired or corrected. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, your eye bags are a thing of the past. With the help of today’s medical technology, you can definitely look forward to a more attractive and younger you.

However, choosing a surgical approach to get rid of your lashes trip eyelashes bags can pose some nasty after effects. As in any surgery, removing your eye bags or any other unwanted flesh around your eye area involves making incisions, reshaping the remaining flesh, and of course, making stitches to close the wound. Hence, you need to be careful in choosing the method and the surgeon who will operate on you. Otherwise, instead of improving your looks, your operation may bring the following results; things that only Quasimodo can really understand.


It is inevitable for you to have scars after having your eye bags surgically removed. You are lucky if the scars will be corrected in a few weeks. But most scars can be permanent and unsightly if present around your eye area.

Excessive Bleeding

Surgical removal of eye bags may cause massive bleeding. As the eye muscles are surrounded by sensitive nerves, a surgical operation can easily damage these nerves and cause trauma and bleeding.

Ectropion Or Entropion

Ectropion occurs when the margin of one or both of your lower eyelids are angled outward. So instead of providing a protective cover for the eyeball, the eyelid allows parts of the eyeball to be exposed. If you want to know how it feels like to have ectropion, try pulling away your lower eyelids in front of an electric fan. It is not going to be a sweet experience.

Entropion, on the other hand, is a condition which is a direct opposite of ectropion. Instead of turning outward, one or both eyelids are in an inward angle. This means your eyelashes will be brushing on your eyeballs. When something is touching the eyeball, the obvious result is an irritated cornea.

These conditions can be caused by a number of instances and that includes bad surgical operation. Ensure that the surgeon who will operate on you has a solid reputation in this arena.



This is mainly characterized by the dislocation of the eye from its orbit. One of the causes of this condition is the removal of too much fat or flesh around the eyes. People who suffer from enopthalmos appear to have hollow features surrounding the eyes.

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