Lady Gaga Costumes For Halloween

eyelashes lash extensions is all about dressing over the top and making bold statements with your dressing. During Halloween, so many people end up wearing the same outfits that it can be disappointing to see the look you worked so hard for being worn by someone else too. Many celebs have a distinct style and if its a popular celebrity, you will find so many people wearing the same style. But one singe who has manged to be different each time is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga costumes are unique and never seen before every time and you can rest assured that the Lady Gaga look that you sport wont be worn by others too.

eyelashes lash extensions
eyelashes lash extensions

You can do a quick research on the web to find out which look of Lady Gaga you will want to be your Halloween costume.

Few of the most popular Lady Gaga outfits are mentioned below:

1. The Bad Romance Outfit: The white bow wig in the video has many fans now. Try the look she wears in the Bad Romance video with the white body suit. Her makeup is usually a lot of eyelashes lash extensions and silver eye shadow with nude lip colors.

2. Paparazzi costume: The white top and shorts comes in most Halloween costumes. The short haired white wig is also a part of the costume kit.

3. The American Flag costume: The Lady Gaga costume worn by her in the Telephone video, has a bikini, a head band and gloves, all with the USA flag print. The boots are sold separately.

4. The Grammy awards costume: The spirals she wore for the awards seemed less weirder than what she wears most of the time. You can buy the costume online with the spirals and the dress together.

5. The 09 MTV awards: The black long dress with the feathered and scuffed headgear can be bought online with the black gloves and high heels.

No matter the Halloween costumes, you can wear anything and call yourself Lady eyelashes lash extensions!

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eyelashes lash extensions
eyelashes lash extensions

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