Top 10 Big Makeup Turn Offs

Although 3d mink false strip lashes artists work and give their best to make a woman look trendier, more natural and beautiful, men don’t always approve. They tend to be very picky with what their lady luck should look like on makeup. And for you to “please” your man here are the top 10 makeup dos that you should avoid at all cost as these make men cringe.

Les naturelle

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

Some women are born lucky to have beautiful facial features and skin that they hardly wear 3d mink false strip lashes whenever they go out to grab some milk or run errand. But there are also women that feel so wretched for having blemishes and skin imperfections that they would want to cover them completely with makeup. Men find it quite unnerving to see a woman all very (literally) natural with no makeup at all. It’s like staring at a naked person down the crowded street. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Un-removed makeup

Forget about what men like. Consider what your skin feels like with un-removed 3d mink false strip lashes. Give your skin a break. Wash away your makeup before you go to bed. Let it breathe so it can refresh itself for another day of makeup do.

Neck-less make up

Ladies, you should remember what your makeup artists always tell you to do when donning your own 3d mink false strip lashes- include your neck to even out the skin tone lest you would look like a ghost with a detachable head. Come to think of it. Even other women would not want to see you like that.

Neon lights

Girls, don’t get men wrong. It’s safer to stay wearing 3d mink false strip lashes in neutral colors than those that shout hooker. As much as possible, avoid the ostentatious neon tones.


Do you really want to look like Donatella Versace? Think twice. Generally, men flinch on fake and overly tanned skin.

Five O’clock Shadow

Stubbles on sexy women?!? Maybe she’s a he. For most straight men, this is a major turn off. Worse is when a woman sporting a hint of beard and mustache wears makeup that doesn’t match the natural color of her skin. Sorry ladies, how can I say it gently… it’s appalling.


Get real. You’re not Alice Cullen or Lady Gaga. Exposing your gothic pale skin sans the technology of cosmetics won’t get you anywhere. Men will just think you need a good dose of vitamin D and that’s not sexy.


Donning the pornstar look is not that different from hookers sporting skimpy clothes and flashy 3d mink false strip lashes. Have you forgotten that too much is always a bad thing? Mr. Right’s conservative family and friends would find you odd and even doubt your reputation.

Porcelain doll

With their rosy cheeks, blood red lips and incredibly long lashes, porcelain dolls were popular back in the 18th century. But for a 21th woman to imitate such look isn’t realistic at all. Why try to look like Chucky’s bride? It’s creepy and downright terrifying.

The world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

Dr. Frank-N-Further of the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show might have been swept to stardom in mid 70s but for a fair young lady to emulate such makeup is horrific. Unless you want men to avoid you, this look is certainly a turn off, period.

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