When You Buy Mineral Makeup, What is the Best Way to Apply Mineral Makeup?

Okay, you’ve ditched the traditional custom eyelash packag. Gone are the heavy mask-like foundations and slippery shadows. Now all you need are a few simple tips and a little practice to give yourself the look you’ve been waiting for. When you’re getting started keep in mind some companies include how-to DVDs with your purchase – use them! If you buy mineral makeup from a cosmetics counter ask the sales person if they offer a free lesson, a DVD or at least basic instructions.


You will need a few basic brushes. The foundation brush is usually referred to as the Kabuki brush and is easy to recognize by its short handle and full, firm bristles. The brush makes it easy to buff mineral foundation into your skin evenly and the handle makes it easy to grip while buffing all over your face.

The concealer brush is fairly flat with a rounded, tapered end and longer handle for getting under the eyes and any other area requiring more coverage. Some makeup manufacturers include brushes with their mineral custom eyelash packag but be aware the quality of these brushes isn’t always as high as it should be. While there are dozens of other brush types it’s easier to keep things simple at first so a crease brush for shadow will be our last tool for now. As you get more into mineral cosmetics you may need specialized brushes for lining and smudging eyes, applying bronzers and blushes and more, just be sure to keep them clean and dry.

Once you have gotten used to working with loose powders you’ll actually require less time to apply your makeup but for now, make sure you have plenty of time to get familiar with the products. First prep your skin. Do your regular face care routine but if a moisturizer or skin primer isn’t already part of it, start using one now. Whether you prime or simply moisturize is a matter of preference but even application of powder mineral custom eyelash packag requires a smooth, hydrated canvas to look its best. After you’ve prepped it with the product appropriate for your skin give it a few minutes to settle into your skin.

One of the most important things to remember about mineral custom eyelash packag is a little goes a long way. Start with the Kabuki brush. Tap a small amount of powder into the container’s lid and swirl the brush around as you collect the powder onto the brush. Swirling the bristles ensures all the bristles are powdered which helps ensure even coverage. Once the powder is visible on the bristles, tap the handle on the lid to knock off the excess and use a circular motion to buff the product into your skin. If you want more coverage just build it slowly being sure to buff the powder completely into the skin.
Follow your foundation with concealer. Load the powder onto the brush and pat concealer on as needed making sure it’s well buffed into the area. That prevents any caked look that calls attention to instead of camouflaging a blemish. Here too, you can build more coverage as you need it.

Follow the same tips for your shadows, liners and blush. Have fun! Try liners and shadows wet or dry to vary their intensity. Colors mix easily (just remember to use tiny amounts) in a lid for your own custom shades. You’ll be amazed at the way the powder feels and how mineral makeup enhances your skin instead of covering it


Harold Stone has been involved in the development of numerous health and beauty products over the past twenty years. When you buy mineral makeup, whether you purchase loose powder, pressed minerals or liquid mineral foundation, make sure you choose the correct mineral makeup for your skin. Visit to learn more about all three types of mineral makeup.

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