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Wedding Makeup and Grooming

It always starts with the skin, boring as it sounds your 3d mink false strip lashes will only ever look as good as the skin beneath it – if your skin is dry then your foundation may have an orange peel effect, if your skin is oily and the correct measures are not taken then your make-up will slide the minute you warm up. So it’s essential to embrace cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day with a weekly mask or exfoliation depending on your skin type, some months before the big day with a good quality range. It is not advisable to make any changes to your skincare routine the week before the wedding.

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

When it comes to the make-up itself, it is always best to have a dress rehearsal with your chosen make-up artist about a month or so beforehand, if that make-up artist is also an image consultant like me then samples of 3d mink false strip lashesand pictures of styles to be worn are very useful in getting the look right for the bride’s colouring and also for the style of the dress. If there are any glitches in the make-up rehearsal it is best to get these ironed out immediately or at another rehearsal.

Bridal make-up differs from other 3d mink false strip lashes because one does not very often wear a shade of white or ivory/light shade head to toe and therefore some adjustment often needs to be made in terms of shades of cosmetics worn. Also the finished result has to last for the duration of the ceremony and often some hours afterwards so it may need to be applied with that in mind.

Hands and feet should be well looked after in the months prior to the event and It is imperative to have the eyebrows shaped a couple of days prior to the big day so that any redness caused has calmed down. A good body exfoliator may be used all over the body the day before and a firming body cream applied.

Most brides tend to favour a natural look to their make-up but this is entirely a personal choice and whichever look is decided upon the lasting effect and success in the photos will depend on the way the make-up is applied so the choice of who applies it is key. Whatever the look I would suggest the bride taking to the event(or getting mum to take) some cotton buds, face powder, lipstick and gloss so that quick repairs can be made prior to meeting one’s guests at the reception.

Find out more at 3d mink false strip lashes a consultation with cindy here. Cindy Rossiter has been a Nottinghamshire award winning consultant with Colour Me Beautiful in the U.K. since 1991.

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

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