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I’ve been interested in 3d real mink eyelashes strip for a long time, it’s my passion, my hobby-not yet my profession, but I’m thinking about it!

I’ve learned quite a few things in my many discussions with 3d real mink eyelashes strip artist friends, and one friend who is a bridal makeup specialists taught me some invaluable tricks for bridal makeup, that also translate into great tricks for every day use too.

My friend always goes on about how the foundation is the most important part of a bridal look, and she swears by airbrushing for the most flawless foundation make up for bride looks. She uses a Dinair I think, and I’ve watched her work with it, and its quite phenomenal to see the transformation that an airbrush can work. They cover perfectly, but actually don’t look like there is makeup on. For every day use, an airbrush takes 20 minutes off the daily 3d real mink eyelashes strip routine (I love mine!) and is really long lasting.

3d real mink eyelashes strip
3d real mink eyelashes strip

Make up for bride looks need a lot more contouring than normal makeup, but the airbrush does that better than I’ve seen with a sponge or brush-really seamless contours that leave no lines or noticeable color changes, its really subtle and affective foundation.

Now my favorite trick is my friends lip technique. I have pretty thin lips, but when she does my lips, they look fuller and poutier. Here’s how: so she does the base color of the lips as normal, but then takes a lip pencil or color one shade darker that the rest, and just colors the corners of the lips with that, blending it along, but mostly just concentrated on the corners-this really gives and illusion of depth and fullness to the lip.

Secondly she takes a pearlescent powder (like and eye shadow or highlight) and with her finger dabs a bit in the center of the lip, especially the bottom lip-amazingly this doesn’t add color to the lip, but the light reflects off of the pearlescent shade and makes lips look pouty! It’s a staple in her make up for bride routine.

Now eyes are the most variable part of a bridal look, and the style, color and application change with every different bride. One thing that my friend does no matter what style of makeup she is doing is the three ‘key highlights’. Its similar in theory to the highlight on the lip-by placing a highlight in the inner corner of the eye, under the arch of the brow and right in the center of the top lid, it creates the illusion of fuller, brighter eyes. These highlights are also essential for make up for bride looks, because they catch the light in photographs and give dimension to them.

These are the three areas that my friend never neglects for any bride, no matter what other variations she wants for her look-they also translate really well to every day makeup looks, so why don’t you try them out?

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3d real mink eyelashes strip
3d real mink eyelashes strip

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