An Introduction to Semi Permanent Make Up

Want to look beautiful all day long without having to go through the hassle of applying your naked band false lashes extension every now and then? With the help of semi permanent makeup or SPMU technology, you can get rid of the hassle of applying makeup each morning and look beautiful all day long. Semi permanent makeup is a popular beauty procedure that involves tattooing of makeup mainly used for eyelashes, eyebrows and lip colours. Presently, this procedure has a wide appeal because you no longer have to spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting your makeup.

naked band false lashes extension
naked band false lashes extension

This treatment is really popular among celebrities, models and career women who want to look their best at all times. SPMU is also often referred to as permanent naked band false lashes extension, cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation and permanent cosmetics. This procedure usually involves having your make up permanently tattooed on areas such as the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Although this procedure is termed semi permanent, it must be seen as permanent because the effect lasts for a long period of time. Usually this treatment lasts for 1-5 years.

How is it done?

An initial consultation with a SPMU technician will be required so you can discuss your expectations and requirements. Prior to the treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to minimise pain and discomfort. Then, sterilized needles are used to apply pigments to the dermal layer of the skin in the form of tattooing in order to give natural enhancement to your appearance.

Final result

When Semi permanent naked band false lashes extension is initially applied, the result will be darker than that was expected. However, after a few weeks, the desired colour and look will be achieved.

naked band false lashes extension
naked band false lashes extension

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