The Best Halloween Make Up Ideas May Leave a Mark

No doubt, you’ve done countless searches for Halloween make up ideas as you are trying to be creative and figure out what to be for Halloween. For most costumes, this involves applying all sorts of ill-colored Halloween own brand eyelashes to your face and skin. As you try to look garish or godly, don’t forget that you don’t want to be sporting such spooky makeup for the days following your Halloween festivities.

Inexpensive Halloween make up ideas involve techniques that combine red food coloring and corn syrup for that battle-scarred look. Or, if you have a slew of colored cosmetics, you may try using dark eye pencils to make your eyes look hollow or add wrinkles. Just remember that color cosmetics applied to untraditional areas of your face may leave a stain or dark mark that is hard to remove if you don’t use the following preventative steps.

own brand eyelashes
own brand eyelashes

To avoid Halloween own brand eyelashes stains that make you look scarier than your original costume look intended, follow these simple rules to preserve your skin so you don’t look like a corpse the day after Halloween:

1) Be sure to wash your face before you get started. Not only will your skin thank you for the extra cleaning, your makeup will go on better.

2) Use a light weight moisturizer. This will prevent your own brand eyelashes from sinking into the dry cracks of your skin, consequently staining those areas.

3) Apply a foundation the color of your skin. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the extra makeup you intend to apply. If you don’t have moisturizer or foundation, apply a very thin layer of cold cream to your skin and then use a cotton ball to dust over it with cornstarch. This, too will protect your skin from the extra makeup.

4) When the Halloween party is over, use an eye makeup remover – it is excellent in removing any makeup with pigments. Then, use a facial cleanser and a warm wet wash cloth to remove all your own brand eyelashes. If you use soap, you will find it dries out your face too much and is too harsh. If you were careful to moisturize and use a foundation or cold cream as a barrier to protect your face, you will prevent any residue from staining your face.

5) Again, moisturize to add hydration back to your skin.

This will help your Halloween costume be a hit!

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own brand eyelashes
own brand eyelashes

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