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With Proper Care, Your Brushes Will Last a Lifetime!

We have all seen the inexpensive brushes in the drugstores and wondered if we should buy them. The other brushes just seem so expensive! The reality is the inexpensive brushes are usually made from synthetic fibers, have plastic or loose ferrules, and won’t last more than a year or two. As a professional makeup artist, I always tell my clients that the brand of makeup you use is not nearly as important as the quality of your packaging flutter mink lashes 3d brushes.Think of it this way, if you were painting a masterpiece, would you use the flimsy brush that comes with a child’s watercolors? For your makeup to look good, you need good brushes and tools. You just need to know how to take care of them properly; your brushes will thank you!

packaging flutter mink lashes 3d
packaging flutter mink lashes 3d

Oils and bacteria get trapped in the bristles of the brushes, causing bacteria to grow. The buildup of product and bacteria also causes the packaging flutter mink lashes 3d to go on poorly and spreads the bacteria to your skin. Wash natural-bristled brushes once a month, and synthetic brushes (often used for concealer or cream shadows) three to four times a month.

To wash your brushes, I suggest using a mild hand soap or better yet a mild baby shampoo. There are many brush cleaners on the market, but why not use what you already have at home. Place a small pea size drop of shampoo in the palm of your hand; wet brush and gently swirl the brush in your hand to remove packaging flutter mink lashes 3d. Rinse and repeat, three or four times if needed for heavy buildup. Lay the brushes flat to dry so the bristles do not break and to maintain the shape of the brushes. Never emerge and soak brushes in water, as this will cause the bristles to fall out.

So now next time you see that beautiful goat hair foundation brush and gasp at the $60 price tag, think twice because this brush will last you forever if you know how to care for it.

Every color and product in the Shel Cosmetics line was hand selected by Michelle Fryer, packaging flutter mink lashes 3d Artist. As a Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician, I strive to provide quality products for my clients that are good for your skin and bring out the most beautiful you, Naturally!

packaging flutter mink lashes 3d
packaging flutter mink lashes 3d

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