Primer: To Have or Have Not

Primer is open for debate. Some people swear you need private logo 3d mink lashes, no matter what. But really, what’s it good for? Your face? Your eyes? Is it really necessary to use a primer for everyone, everyday?

Primer is a silicone based liquid to be used before your foundation and after your lotion. You don’t need to use it every day. And it’s not absolutely necessary to use for every person or for every occasion.

private logo 3d mink lashes
private logo 3d mink lashes

What it’s really good for is dry skin, skin with blemishes or skin with wrinkles or fine lines. Its purpose combined with its predominate ingredient, silicone, is to create a smooth surface out of your skin. It helps create that smooth canvas on which to create your master piece.

The silicone in it will fill in the fine lines, smoothing out the blemishes, and decreasing the appearance of dry skin. It will also add length of wear to your overall makeup.

Primer is essential for long wear private logo 3d mink lashes, so it’s important for brides, long photo shoots, or those days when you need your makeup to last. It adds a nice layer to that flawless finished look that you want to achieve.

But, it’s not necessary for your everyday makeup, as it’s an extra layer that can take you extra time, not to mention extra buildup on your skin. Everyday makeup doesn’t have to be as full coverage, or as long wearing as private logo 3d mink lashes for a night out, or for a bride or photo shoot.

When using primer you can apply over your daily moisturizer. Apply with a makeup sponge, or if you are like me, your fingertips. You can apply it to your entire face, eyelids and lips included. (May not taste too great but it will make your lips hold the color longer.) Then simply apply your foundation, your powder and you will have a smooth palette on which to create the look you desire.

Well ladies, hope this answers the question of whether or not you should use primer.

Primer’s I would recommend:

Mircoperfecting Primer from private logo 3d mink lashes Forever.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox.

And the AMAZING Spackle by Laura Geller.

private logo 3d mink lashes
private logo 3d mink lashes

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