Tips For Buying Cheap Halloween Costumes

You do not need to splurge on Halloween costumes because there are ways you can get them for cheap. By getting low cost clothing, you can spend some more on the soft silky korea mink lashes and home decors.

Ways to Find Cheap Halloween Costumes

 soft silky korea mink lashes
soft silky korea mink lashes

Go to dollar stores. You can get a lot of nice little items you can use for the costume. For example, you can get shoes, purses, hats and other accessories. You can also get soft silky korea mink lashes and princess gowns for the girls. For boys there are cowboy hats and toy guns. Get a pair of jeans and the costume is complete.

Those old oversized clothes can make for a good hobo costume. If you have jerseys of your favorite athlete or team, you can use that as a costume. There are also stores where you can rent Halloween costumes.

Compare the prices of various stores before deciding where to rent. Look at the designs of costumes in stores and draw inspiration from them.

How to Apply Halloween soft silky korea mink lashes

Combine the baby oil with the makeup to make application easier. Wash your face and put some moisturizer on. Get a sponge and damp it a bit with warm water.

Apply the soft silky korea mink lashes with the sponge. Put on the makeup in a well lighted place. Use a mirror to avoid making mistakes. If your costume has prosthetics, ensure the makeup color will match it.

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Required Tools and Materials

3 inch foam balls
Pipe cleaners
Paint brushes
Wire cutters

How to Make a Spider

Pour black paint in the tray. Dip the brush into the container and paint the foam. Let the ball dry. Turn it over every half hour so the other side does not remain wet.

Chop four black pipe cleaners in half. Use the yellow paint to make the spider’s eyes. Put the eight pipe cleaners you cut on the sides. Bend them.

Slice a piece of pipe cleaner. Place the ends above the spider. This will be the loop for hanging. Fasten a string on this loop. Hang the spiders. Repeat the procedure to make other spiders.

How to Make a Pumpkin

Prepare orange and yellow paint in a container. Paint the foam ball and let it dry for half an hour. Rotate it every half hour. Chop a green pipe cleaner into two equal parts. Cut them in half again. Use yellow paint to create the face. Allow this to dry.

Bend a pipe cleaner to a square but minus the bottom. Place this at the top of the ball. Push it as far back down as desired. This is going to be the pumpkin stem. Get the half piece pipe and shape it into a circle. Place this at the pumpkin ends to create a stand. Repeat the process to make other pumpkins.

There is no need to shy away from Halloween parties just because your budget is limited. By being creative, you can get cheap Halloween costumes and make your own decorations.

 soft silky korea mink lashes
soft silky korea mink lashes

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